Book Review: Nav’Aria: The Winged Crescent (Book 3) by K. J. Backer

Summary (Via Amazon)

Wait. Watch. Destroy. Returning from the Shazla Desert, Darion is riddled with worries. Will his desert-journey’s revelations prevent the annihilation of all that is good? Can he fulfill his prophetic purpose as the Marked Heir? And will anyone even survive this fight? Darion, Triumph, Soren, and Edmond return to find that much has happened during their absence. The Rav’Arians and Watchers have infiltrated Nav’Aria lending strength and momentum to Narco’s evil forces. Vikaris and Trixon face a deadly meeting with destiny, while Rick, Tony, and Aalil search for the truth of Narco’s enigmatic hold on the mountain trolls. In Kaulter, Lyrianna and Trinidad bond ever tighter over their common pursuit of answers. Meanwhile, the enemy that has lain in wait for cycles, reveling in the decay and despair spreading across Nav’Aria, has just revealed itself in this heart-pumping, EPIC finale. Humans, centaurs, nymphs, unicorns, and merfolk must team together to face this onslaught or risk the ultimate destruction, the end of Nav’Aria. One thing is certain: The final battle has arrived.

What I Liked


If you’re not yet familiar with the Nav’Aria series, you’ll want to catch up first with book 1, The Marked Heir, and book 2, The Pyre of Tarsin (You can also see my review for Pyre here). I’ve been hooked on this turn on unicorn lore from the beginning. For the uninitiated, these unicorns are fierce warriors, with a select few bonded to the royal family of Nav’Aria. AND, Winged Crescent delivers on a promised wrinkle from Pyre: eeeeeeeeeevil unicorns. You’ll have to read the series to discover how we get to this point.

Winged Crescent, being the last of a trilogy, focuses on the final throws of the rivalry between the Marked family, whose images (like tattoos) on their bodies are the focii of their powers, and the longtime usurpers of their kingdom. The final battle delivered on everything I hoped for. I was almost literally jumping out of my chair when the event I was waiting for finally came to pass!

What to Watch Out For

Trigger warnings for sexual assault (off-stage). Plenty of violence and not a little bit of gore. If you like that sort of thing, ignore me entirely and read on. If it’s not your bag, proceed with caution. As stated before, these are NOT your kids’ unicorns.


If you need a series to sink your figurative teeth into, make it this one. The lore behind the world of Nav’Aria is solid, the characters are deep, and each book brings an emotional punch. The Winged Crescent promises a satisfying end to your investment!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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