Quarantine Update #3

Hanging on… Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

So it’s been a little while. Life has been our own little ball of crisis mode within our house over the past six weeks. We’ve been far luckier than many: both of us still have paying jobs, albeit working from home is the very definition of organized chaos; we have our health, praise God, as do our children; and we’ve found some things to look forward to at the end of the night–TV shows to watch together (one of the only ways we remember what day of the week it is!), new things to cook for dinner, and for myself, writing time. If you haven’t seen on my Twitter and IG, I WON CAMP NANO!

I worked hard for this little sucker!

I’ll have a separate post on my experiences with that, but for now I’ll say this: making myself commit to a nightly word goal to get through Camp NaNo has been essential in maintaining my sanity. After signing up at the last minute, I wasn’t entirely positive it would go as well as my November effort, which launched my current WIP. I took a slightly different approach, which I’ll expand on in my next post, and I believe doing so was the secret to my latest success. I now stand at just over 40,000 words in my story, and I’ve been very satisfied with the alterations I’ve made in this draft. More to come on that.

I’ve also finally allowed some new plot ideas to knock on the door, stop in for a cup of coffee (always coffee), and meander off on their merry ways. Following Neil Gaiman’s advice, I’ve jotted them down in my Compost Heap file to fester down to their essentials while I work on my current project. Ultimately, I’m beginning to see a path forward: not just the end of this novel, but OTHER stories. Many of them. Enough to keep me busy for a long time!

Things have been fairly dark and gloomy at times. But I hope that, with all the things to look forward to, I can hang onto that little corner of hope–a corner which, like the best part of a brownie, is worth waiting for!

The ideal brownies of hope.

You’ll be hearing from me again soon. I have several reviews to post here, among other things. In the meantime: be good to each other!

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