Once in a Lifetime

This little bastard, eh?

Here’s a quick mid-hiatus update! First of all, everyone in my family is doing well. None of us have any health issues as of now, and we’re blessed to only have upturned schedules and routines to worry about. We’re stocked up, still working (from home), and ready to ride this out. My wife and I are praying for anyone who might be affected by this dastardly virus.

With news changing almost by the minute, it’s been tricky for me getting myself to turn “off” at the end of the night, when the kids are in bed and I finally have some quiet time to work on my writing. I’m quite simply fatigued from having so much fluidity in our situation, followed by family and friends arguing about whether it should be a serious situation, followed still by my own deadlines looming later in the year (which may or may not still exist when I get there). Nonetheless, I’m still trying to get a few hundred words on my worst nights in the hopes that I’ll find the energy to start making up ground in gobs.

I’ve been making a short journal as things happen over the past week, following the advice I’ve seen in multiple places online. This is truly a historic period, the likes of which will most probably not be seen until long after I’m gone (and, Lord willing, published!). The history nut in me wants to be thrilled at such a prospect, right up until the details of the moment sink in. It’s obviously not fun at all for many of us, but it will be useful later to see the memories created during this time. My kids are a little too young to understand what’s happening around them, so at least I’ll have something to show when they’re older. And who knows? Maybe those notes will turn into a WIP later on.

When the world isn’t ending, that is.

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