Be Someone’s Light Giver

I’m writing this post from my shiny new laptop! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

I think I might name it Dellbert. Ha!

This week has been something of a disaster. Both kids caught varying stages of the flu from their Grandma, which made the house more of a triage center. Thus, both my wife and I had to take time off work to be with them, which is fine, although I’m going to have a mountain of stuff to catch up on when I return. I also had to take off for a work conference on Thursday night and returned Friday evening. The little ones were not at all pleased that their favorite Daddy wasn’t going to be there for the night, and it broke my heart a wee bit on the drive down.

The first night of the conference stunk quite a bit, in my opinion. I left early to head back to the hotel and grab a bite and a shower. It was nice to have a room to myself, but there’s just something about sleeping in your own bed, even if that means getting awoken by a grumpy toddler who hasn’t learned to sleep through the night yet.

Anyway, the next morning continued where the night before left off: It was raining HARD as I walked to my car to head back to the conference — just warm enough to not be snow — and so I was considerably grumpy. At my grumpiest point, I was fortunate to be witness to an amazing presentation that turned my whole outlook around.

To spare you all the details, one of the most important suggestions to the audience was to be someone’s “light giver,” someone who shines a light on someone else’s goals and dreams and makes them see what’s possible. I won’t lie, it was a powerful speech which had me tearing up by the end. Typically I might roll my eyes at a lot of these presentations, as it’s usually more about networking with other attendees than actually gaining something from the speakers. But once in a while, the right mix of information, charisma and timing comes along to make the moment a little bit magical, like this one.

I’ve detailed before my battles with Imposter Syndrome. I’ve spent my first year-plus within the writing community on Twitter and IG feeling as though I had nothing to contribute. I was a new writer after all, and had no business offering anyone advice. But in light of the above, I know that I have things to share, many of which are finding homes as posts on this blog. I’m no King, Patterson or Roberts, but aside from the people themselves…who is? I’ve met several people across my writing journey whom I’d now consider close friends. They are my light givers. They help me see what is possible in my own writing, and likewise, I get glimpses at their own creations. Reading them has been enormously helpful in helping me realize what I want my own writing look like. Similarly, the knowledge I do have in discovering what works for me is something that certainly may help someone else just getting started, or who finds themselves just beginning their own journey. If I’ve been a light giver to you so far, I’d love to hear from you.

Now that I have the equipment I’ve needed to upgrade my production, it’s time to get my hands dirty. I’m learning Scrivener and finding myself quite comfortable there. It’s going to be a perfect fit for what I need as a writer. Soon, it will be time to redraft my current WIP, the one I cranked out for NaNo. I hope to turn it into something worthy of your time to read.

Be good to each other this week.

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